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Post  Toca on Tue May 26, 2009 2:56 pm

Ok So i been seeing alot of this shit lately

Now lets get a few things clear. I am a gm. If i see you doing somthing wrong. I have the right to mute or ban you or take any kind of action i feel fit. If you do not believe me ask tet. Shit nvm he will see this post. Im tired of certain people thinking they can get away with things because im this so called assistant gm. Yes im an Assistant gm But im still a member of the staff an you will respect wtf i have to say.. Pvping inside a wall to where no one can get to you, Talkin shit to me while im talking to another player while he's abusing things. <-- uncalled for. straighten up people. Im not gonna keep letting yall get away with this shit.

Have a good day
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