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Final Efforts Empty Final Efforts

Post  Frooty on Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:33 am

Well looks like Tet is not coming back, which many of us have realized and some of which are still realizing but that is that. I will try and get in contact with Tetrion AGAIN VIA somehow talking to his brother or finding him on retail. Only Idea that i have left is retrieving all the server data and core and what not from Tet and hosting it on my computer or James' cause he doesnt really use his or maybe someone else can host it. If anyone has any other ideas please post and we will conclude with one but for now I'll try and contact him

(I'm moving back with my mom on like monday so bear with me till then cause I don't have my own comp with me yet Sad )

But im glad to be back server or not Very Happy
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